Tiki Drink Prep
An image of the iconic Tiki Jon! He enjoys beer, cocktails, and good times!






Starting from a very young age, Jonathan "Tiki Jon" Patrick enjoyed Tiki culture.  As a kid, His first Tiki experience was at Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room where he was mesmerized by the singing animatronics birds.  He also enjoyed the neighbouring Tahitian Terrance in Adventureland with the food, drinks, dancing, and fire performances.

He was inspired to create Tiki Jon’s after visiting multiple tiki bars and breweries and wanted to create a new vibe in Pitt Meadows so that people would have a new exciting destination! As President & Founder of Tiki Jon’s Tiki Brew Room, Jon’s main mission is to give his clients an exceptional experience!  He is passionate about creating a tropical vibe through a unique brewery ambience!

In his youth, Tiki Jon would enjoy going on vacations with some of those vacations being to Hawaii.  He continued enjoying visiting Hawaii to experience the culture as well as the tropical vibe.  It was at around this time he visited his first Tiki Bar.

Tiki Jon brings over 20 years experience in business working in various industries including Food and Beverage, Electronics, and Telecommunication.  Jon has a thirst for continuous improvement.  He has completed certificates in various quality bartending programs.  Furthermore, he continuously brushes up on his leadership skills. He has completed a certificate in leadership and operational improvement. He fulfilled various roles in Sales, Customer Service, Management, and Technology.  Jonathan lives in beautiful Pitt Meadows with his Fiancé.